What Makes Dealer Profit Services Special

Dealer Profit Services focuses on helping dealers increase their profits while satisfying the financing requirements of their customers, or helping dealers do it themselves. The leader in customer service and customer satisfaction, the Dealer Profit Services team is known among its dealer community as the quickest, most flexible, most responsive and most focused outsourced F&I provider in the industry. We are also the ONLY provider to offer dealer consulting and training on F&I. We bring a broad variety of lenders to work with and years of experience in the marine and recreational vehicle industry. Dealer Profit Services is often able to succeed in obtaining financing where others fail. 

Dealer Profit Services is your profit services company. Unlike the narrow view taken by traditional financial services providers, Dealer Profit Services starts by recognizing that more and better qualified finance leads results in more unit sales. Once we have helped drive the increase in unit sales, then our attention turns to helping deliver more profit per unit.

Unlike any other provider in the industry, Dealer Profit Services starts with more than doubling highly qualified finance leads. It then serves as a comprehensive financial service resource for all F&I issues and requirements. Providing regularly updated information through its blog and social media outlets, Dealer Profit Services not only produces profits for dealers through its all-inclusive F&I offerings, it also keeps dealers abreast of best-practices, trends, insights and breaking news.

Through its unique dealer website offering, Dealer Profit Services is also able to assist dealers in gaining more, finance ready, highly qualified leads. 

Dealer Profit Services offers the industry’s only 100% Program. We will, based on a simple, portal based transfer of customer information, contact 100% of your customers, even cash buyers. Upon

contact, we will:

  • Upsell cash buyers to finance customers
  • Negotiate loan terms
  • Sell backend products

The single most important thing that can be done to drive F&I profit is to present all the options to every customer. Only Dealer Profit Services will do that for you. When you think Dealer Profit Services, think:

  • The best customer service in the industry
  • Loans up to $4,000,000
  • Unique fee structures that offer you the opportunity to truly maximize profits by retaining up to 80% of the Reserve and Backend Profit
  • Consumer credit improvement services
  • The most informative and useful Website and Blog in the Profit Services or Financial services industry
  • The only provider to enable dealers to capture more, high quality leads using real-time soft credit pull technology with the best soft-pull providers in the industry
  • The only 100% Contact Program in the industry
  • Dealership Management technology
  • Website development and improvement programs
  • Customer/loan approval rates in excess of 80%
  • Complete electronic transaction processing
  • 24/7 access to the status of your transactions

The dealer’s partner in all things F&I, Dealer Profit Services continuously strives to maintain and improve on its “best in the industry” reputation. Founded by a team with over 30 years of  

dealership experience, Dealer Profit Services knows what it takes to make you successful.