What We Offer

The vast majority of buyers today finance their purchase – even those who say that they are paying cash (and we will help you convert those). Even those who don’t still benefit from extended service agreements, insurance, and extended warranty options. If you are not fully capitalizing on every element of the transaction, you are leaving money on the table.

Increase your profit in every phase of the sale. Dealer Profit Services will help you increase your earnings and delight your customers with no increase in effort or overhead on your part.

We understand that you have worked hard to earn your customer’s trust, and through that trust, you have earned their business. You focus on that relationship while we ensure the best financial outcome for you and your customer. Everyone wins with Dealer Profit Services. 

We offer the following products and services:

  • Marine, RV, and Power Sports F&I Service: Dealer Profit Services will work on your behalf to get Boat, RV, and Power Sports loans with great industry rates, low down payments and extended terms while providing exceptional customer service. We work to offer lenders for all credit profiles – prime and non-prime. We do our best to ensure that your customer’s dreams become their realities. We will work with your local lenders if that is appropriate for your customers. Even if your buyer has less than perfect credit, Dealer Profit Services will help with specific and quickly applied credit improvement suggestions.
  • Coast Guard Documentation: Coast Guard Documentation: Don’t let Coast Guard Documentation slow you down! Obtaining the required information and completing the paperwork can be a daunting task. Dealer Profit Services can take you and your vessel through the process quickly, easily and most importantly, correctly.
  • Extended Service Contracts: This is a lifestyle purchase and Dealer Profit Services understands that we are talking to customers about enhancing their lifestyle. Extended service and protective product contracts give peace of mind to any new or current boat owner. Whether a cruiser pack, wakeboard, standard runabout, or something more advanced, our Business Managers can find the right protection plan for every boat and RV.
  • GAP Waiver:  In the event of a total loss or unrecoverable theft, GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) will, in most cases, pay the difference between the actual cash value and the scheduled balance owed to the lender. Dealer Profit Services offers this important protection to your customer so that in the event of the worst, they can return to their lifestyle without harm.
  • High Value, Finance Ready Lead Generation:  High Value, Finance Ready Lead Generation: With our industry leading soft-pull technology on your site, website visitors are able to get their Credit Score and you are able to pre-approve customers with a “soft credit pull.” No Date of Birth or Social Security Number is required. There is no negative impact on the shoppers current Credit Score. Customers get a "Pre-Qualified" certificate specific to your store and come to see you and finance through you. 
  • Inventory Presentation Enhancement: Hook your customers with engaging inventory presentation. Customers see a 360-degree presentation inside and out. They stay longer, look longer and visit your store longer. Then they buy more. 
  • Red Flag Compliance:  Red Flags compliance is a requirement for all dealers. Failure to comply can result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Many dealers find it difficult to get compliant and remain compliant – and many dealers are at risk. Dealer Profit Services can help you get and remain in compliance. 
  • OFAC Compliance: Dealer Profit Services is expert in compliance training and delivery. Let us help you ensure that you are compliant and protected from all the potential expense from all of the possible violations. 
  • F&I Training and Consulting: Let Dealer Profit Services help you establish your in-house F&I department, train you in the nuances of ensuring 100% Turnover from Sales to Finance, improve your F&I results and/or more. Dealer Profit Services is here for you and we are uniquely structured to meet any of your needs. 
  • What you need: Dealer Profit Services knows what it takes from a wholistic dealership view to maximize F&I Profit which should be doubling the profit from your store's other profit centers. If you have F&I Questions, Dealer Profit Services is your answer.